To measure is to know

Being healthy is important to us. However, for being 
healthy it is important to pay attention on regular basis 
in terms of exercise and sport. For a good training 
programme it is essential to be aware of the current state of your healthOnly in this way you can focus and work efficiently to maintain or improve your health. 

Based on an extensive health test, an excercise test and a respiration test - Sensus Health offers the opportunity to measure your physical health and provide an individual training programme in addition.

The power of prevention

Sensus Health is specialized in preventive health care on the workplace. It is our main goal to support organizations with reducing and prevention of work related complaints and provide an insight in your physical condition and potential. 

With a variety of preventive health care services, regarding chair massage, health checks and workplace adjustments we provide the care and insights in order to preserve and improve physical health and productivity of employees.

Chair massage A healthy and relaxing massage which is developed specifically for application in the workplace. Chair massage prevents work-related complaints and reduces sickness absenteeism of employees. More.. Breathing test Many people have a high breathingrate. This wastes energy and can cause fysical complaints. With a breathing test we bring insight in your breathing rate and provide exercises to increase efficiency and prevent complaints. More.. Exercise test An extensive exercise test which provides information about your current physical condition and the most efficient and quickest way of improving condition. More.. Health check By conducting specific measurements an accurate report is provided about your physical condition and health, possible at any location. More.. Workplace adjustment An extensive analysis of the individual workplace is provided and adjustments are made in order to prevent work related physical complaints. More.. Workshop An interactive group-session in which knowledge and awareness on healthy food, breathing and exercise are adressed and is completed with practical elements. More.. Sports fasting Sport fasting is an unique method of training based on modifying the metabolism through a combination of exercise and a strict diet during a period of 10 days. Improves your condition and moreā€¦ Sports resting Sports resting is a package of sports and breathing exercises during a period of 100 days on a strict schedule. Improves the condition and regenerative power after exertion.


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